19 years ago I started a record label called Dim Mak that has been pushing the culture of underground music forward in various genres. Over the course of these past two decades I have followed my inspiration of what I was feeling around me to navigate through the music industry. In so doing, we have survived still independent with over 600 releases under our belt and a large worldwide community that has become our platform. 9 years ago I decided to follow my inspiration yet again but this time in fashion. I went to Magic Trade Show in 2006 and opened up a booth selling Dim Mak tee shirts, slowly grew the tees into a small collection that represented the brand. We teamed up and collaborated with brands like Adidas, Diesel, and others that understood our community and spirit. All the while building a story, a narrative that speaks about this robust history of music and fashion coming together through inspiration. It was time to really build out a full menswear collection. A collection that not just speaks about this culture we have been a big part of but of an inspiration that has developed my taste attitude and personality with the clothes I want to represent Dim Mak. We want to build a future like we did with the record label and experiment with future concepts. This collection using sportswear materials and concepts in a high end mens wear look with interesting patterns that harken back to traditional typography are the underlying themes. We want to move with the fashion world with the same approach as we did with the label, building a community of like minded artists and pioneers to identify with our brand and continue to push our culture forward.

Onward to the Neon Future,
Steve Aoki