To celebrate the pre-launch of DIM MAK COLLECTION in North America, DMC and Steve Aoki presents this art installation by street artist, Drew Merritt. The Los Angeles painter has created a 44 feet by 15 feet mural,  composed of 75 DIM MAK COLLECTION tees hanging across the entire span of the wall. Each shirt will be sold online and at the gallery with portions of the proceed going to the Aoki Foundation which supports organizations in the brain science and research areas with a specific focus on regenerative medicine and brain preservation. 

Drew Merritt’s mural communicates the vision of DMC’s Fall 16 collection, capturing the sound of our generation and the story of our street tribe. An emptiness and fragility twisted in the expectations of being young and loud. Finding clarity in the static. Recoding semiotics, bringing them to the streets and giving our tribe a uniform - combat ready. Day One.

Be part of the art. Be part of the bigger story. you are a piece of the puzzle. Thanks for the support.

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